Create Post Previews for Jekyll Blogs

I used a handy Jekyll template called Poole when I originally set up my blog. It’s great because it creates all the pages you need to get a Jekyll site running. However, Poole, by default, shows the full contents of each post on the front page. That means if your first post is a lengthy one, the reader might not even notice that there are multiple posts on that same page!

Fortunately, there’s a very simple solution to this by defining the excerpt_separator property in your config.yml file.

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Creating a Blog using GitHub Pages and Jekyll

This blog was created using GitHub pages and Jekyll. The process was pretty straight forward, but there are several components to creating a complete blog and I wanted to document all the helpful links and resources that I relied on.

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A JSON Parser

I recently built a JSON parser in JavaScript from scratch. I learned a lot on data formats/parse trees/grammar/recursion that helped me break down and solve the problem. There are many different (and perhaps better) approaches to parsing JSON, but here’s a little walkthrough of my implementation. First, a little background…

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